Saturday, 30 June 2012

Top music director DJ Tee denies stabbing upcoming act on set

The top music director has been telling anyone who cares to listen that he didn't stab anyone, contrary to the news making the rounds that he stabbed an extra on set of a video shoot last night. According to his side of the story, the guy in question slapped him after they

TFA is looking for science innovators&inspiring young people in government

For the third year in a row, The Future Awards, referred to by the World Bank as ‘The Nobel Prize for Young Africans’, is searching for the most brilliant young minds in Science, in addition to its yearly search for the brightest minds in Technology. 

“For many years, what we have done i

Flood in Lagos

This is really happening in some parts of Lagos...

The fraud case against Jim Iyke was not thrown out of court - Habiba's camp claim

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our notice has been drawn to several publications on social media and other media and we have been mandated to put the facts straight.

We would like to say categorically that

Funke A, Banky W, Sasha in London for the Olympic Torch Relay

On Sunday July 1st, Funke Akindele Oloyede, Banky W, Sasha, Kanu Nwankwo and Yaw will light the Olympic Torch in Coventry. They are all in London waiting for the big day! So proud!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to divorce after 5 years of marriage(49 years with 3 divorces)

From TMZ
     Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced after 5 years of marriage. Katie's attorney, Jonathan Wolfe released a statement saying, "This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family."
Wolfe adds, "Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."
It's unclear if divorce papers have been filed with the court. Tom and Katie have one child together, Suri, who is 6-years-old.
Getty Images
Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Mimi Rogers were all 33 when their marriages to Cruise ended
 Tom Cruise who is currently 49 has had three divorces and there is a weird coincidence to be noted in all three divorces. All of of Cruise's three marriages broke up when wife at the time was 33. Cruise's first wife was Mimi Rogers, who was 31 when she wed 25-year-old Cruise in May 1987 and 33 when they broke up in 1990.
Cruise then married Nicole Kidman, 23, in December of 1990, and then separated in 2001, when Kidman was 33.
Holmes, 28, and Cruise wed in 2006, seven months after daughter Suri was born. And when word came Friday that Holmes had filed for divorce, those with a sense of Cruise history noted that Holmes was also 33.

DJ Tee alleged assault: My side of the story - Alvin Osungade

A mail I got from the the upcoming act who claimed he was stabbed by top video director, DJ Tee, at a video shoot yesterday. This is his own side of the story...(heard the police is now involved)
My name is Tolani Alvin Osungade, and this is what really happened between Dj Tee and I...... Firstly, the video shoot was suppose to start @ 10am and I was there to support my friend "malcoholic" the owner of the video shoot. He (malcoholic) told to

Police accuse Gov Oshiomhole of lying about assasination attempt

The police command in Edo State yesterday debunked allegations by Governor Adams Oshiomhole's camp that his convoy was attacked by suspected assassins on Thursday June 28th.

The Edo State Commissioner for Information had claimed that the

Sir Shina Peters to start a music school

The Afro Juju legend revealed his plans to set up a music school soon in a recent interview with HipTV. The music school, which he said will be very affordable, will be created to teach young people the basics of music and the business side of it.

More about the school will be revealed soon, but for those who are wondering, it's not just afrojuju, it's all genres of music, so look out for that!

Lauryn Hill pleads guilty to tax evasion; faces 3 years in Prison

Earlier this month, Lauryn Hill was charged with tax evasion after neglecting to file taxes for three years in a row. The 37 year old Grammy award winner and mother of six yesterday June 29th plead guilty to the charges...three counts of failure to

Friday, 29 June 2012

Top 7 Ways You Can Create Awareness and Get Huge Followership To Your Blog

All new and even existing bloggers want to get more and more attention to their blogs. 'If you are just getting started with blogging', you need this most because nobody will know your blog exists until you start to take some steps towards creating some level of publicity and awareness around the blog.

So, once you complete the design and start making posts, do not think you are done and do not expect traffic to start coming in automatically. You have to keep creating awareness and keep working on getting huge followership to your blog. Even the existing and growing bloggers continue to create awareness and publicity. So, it is an ongoing activity that stops the day you stop running your blog.

If you stop promoting your blog to get more attention, attention would start to leave it too and you can start to see traffic drop. I'm writing this from experience. Now, I will be sharing with you some actions to turn into habit if you would like to get more and more attention to your blog.

1. Write Good Content

Everybody knows this but it is just not enough to know, act. Act now and start writing good posts. There are many reasons your posts might not be good; some of which are grammatical errorsspelling mistakes andpoor articulation.

You can improve on all these by taking English lessons and reading more. Spelling mistakes can be corrected to a large extent if you type your articles in MS Word first before copying to your online post editor. You can also check out, Yomi Obadina's guest post on "4 Ways To Avoid Common Typos/Grammatical Errors In A Blog Post".

2Offer RSS Subscription

Many first time visitors will come to your blog, get the information they need and never come back. RSS subscription is a means to convert them on their first visit to become regular readers. Hence, make sure you make your RSS subscriptiion box, links or icons very visible on your blog.

There are many tricks you can use in making RSS subscribers visit your blog. Put a video in your post and see many of them come to your site to view it. If you are using Feedburner to publish your feeds, enable social sharing buttons in your feeds. This way, your subscribers can share your posts to social networks via their email, browser or rss reader. This really creates more social media presence for your blog.

3. Guest Posting

If you don't know about guest posting, then you are probably new to blogging. Some blogs allow you to write guest posts and publish on their website. If you write well and you are able to get your post published on sites with high PR and large readership, you are on your way to getting massive traffic. This is possible because you are allowed to add at least one link back to your blog in your byline and you are sure to get quality backlinks to your blog. RSS subscription also can come in handy here because if you offer it, you can convert some of this traffic to regular readers of your blog.

Making a guest post on Ogbongeblog gives you a PR 3 backlink. Aside from this, you have the chance to showcase your blog in your byline to9018 RSS subscribersthousands of Facebook fans and twitter followers. These are the figures at the time of publishing this post and they keep increasing by the day. Now you see how guest posts can help your blog?

4. Review Websites and Interview The Big Bloggers

This method is known as link baiting. You can write a review about a website that offers a unique service and let them know about it. They would normally want their users to see it that they are getting credit for what they are doing and might feature your post on their website or simply link to it. You can check out examples of websites reviews here.

You can also interview the big bloggers in your niche and and they should normally talk about this on their blog. Everyone likes been treated like they are one of the best at what they do.

5. Social Networking 

Social networks are great to get awareness and promote your blog. Making use of TwitterFacebookGoogle+StumbleUponDiggPinterestand more like that will surely increase your site popularity. Create a Facebook page for your blog, have twitter handle and register on as many dofollow social bookmarking sites you can find in your niche.

There is one experience I had on social media like two months ago that brought an entertainment blog that I manage into so much light. Somehow I was able to get photos from the birthday party of a popular artist and I published them. The artist in question saw it and retweeted to around 500,000 followers. The blog traffic was never the same afterwards.

6. Blog Commenting

I'm not just telling you to start commenting to get backlinks here. No, this is more than that. There is a trick you must know in blog commenting- be the first to comment. This way the blogger will notice you and might even check out your blog link and visit it. I have tried this and it worked like it's programmed. Some readers that will comment immediately after you may even check your blog out.

7. Paid Advertisement

The first six ways above are just the important ones you can start with and all of them are free to implement. If you want to go a step further, you can pay for Google Adwords and Facebook ads to publicize your new blog. You can check out "basics of Facebook advertising" if you are interested in using Facebook ads to promote your blog.

I hope you find this quite informative.

PDP Chieftain, wife, son murdered in Plateau

Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Sharubutu Ward of Bachit District of Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, John Baren, his wife and young son, were killed on Wednesday June 27th at Gwarim in Rim village by gunmen

Pastor Chris Okotie plans to remarry

Sources told me that during an interview on a gospel programme which is yet to be aired, the man of God who recently separated from his wife of nearly four years, revealed his plans to remarry some day.

He said he plans to marry again because it's not good for a man to be alone, quoting God from the book of Genesis. He also said God's plans upon his life must be established.

Nigeria has lowest life expectancy in West Africa

The life expectancy in Nigeria is 47 years, the lowest in West African. It is also 30 percent below the world’s average life expectancy.

Prof. Abdulsalam Nasidi, Project Director, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), said this yesterday Thursday June 28th at the commencement of the second Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of the state’s chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA).

I was stabbed by DJ Tee' - injured upcoming act claims


BREAKING NEWS -Footballer Samuel Eto'o accused of tax evasion in Spain, risks jail term

A Spanish public prosecutor has accused Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o of conspiring to evade 3.5 million euros in taxes owed on income from his image rights when he was playing for Barcelona between 2006-2009.

The former Barca and Inter Milan player, now with Russian Premier League club Anzhi Makhachkala, is accused of four tax offences, each punishable with up to five years in prison and a fine of

D'banj to feature Kanye West in Scape Goat remix

BREAKING NEWS -Governor Adams Oshiomhole survives assasination attempt-

Edo State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr Louis Odion, told newsmen that Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State survived an assassination attempt yesterday June 28th when gunmen attacked his convoye while he was

Thursday, 28 June 2012


The 21-year-old striker quieted his of critics by leading Italy to an unexpected spot in the European Championship final, scoring twice in the first half in a 2-1 victory over Germany on Thursday night.
After his second goal, Balotelli stripped off his jersey and flexed his


As I always say, 2go is one of the leading mobile Application for mobile user's in the world today, Due to this many people use it as


 Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman revealed billionaire Alki David has offered to pay out the huge sums and give another $1 million to charity if they take part in a public fight.

He told the


A Man was on high speed, he got to an Army checkpoint without slowing down, so they told him to park his car and ordered him to carry 1000 blocks from one Side of the road to the other side.

After carrying 900 blocks, he noticed that their 'Oga' was his Primary School classmate, so he went to complain to him, The Oga was really angry with what his Boys told his Long time classmate was asked to do, So he asked him ''have you started carrying the blocks?, the man said ''I have carried 900 already, so the oga said" Please don't be angry, ''RETURN THEM''.  


People keep complaining in Silent, this blog was created to solve and resolve Issues.. A User contacted us tonight that for some times now he has been Unable to check his Mail on his Phone via Opera Mini,ucweb etc. I actually tried it out


The Nokia 808 PureView is the best Cameraphone ever made. This Nokia has been the talk of the Town in the I.T world for sometimes now and now its finally here, I bet with this Features in this Phone, Nokia phone will be on the List of to buy Gadget of Most Business and


Two global soft drink brands, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been confirmed to contain minute traces of alcohol, scientific research published in France has revealed.

The revelation will cause concern among those who chose the carbonated soft drink for

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Arsenal to play Nigeria's Super Eagles in Abuja August 5

English premier league side Arsenal will play Nigeria's Super Eagles in a pre-season match in Abuja on August 5, according to promoter David Omigie of DanJan Sports. It will be the first time Arsenal will play in Nigeria.

Arsenal traditionally hosts an annual pre-season tournament at the Emirates Stadium, but they opted to postpone the event for a year because of the 2012 London Olympics. The visit to Nigeria will conclude Arsenal's pre-season after tours to both China and Malaysia in July.

On their official website, Arsenal said: "The club last visited Africa during a tour to South Africa in July 1993."
"It is returning as a result of the fantastic support which exists for the team, not only in Nigeria, but across the entire continent."

DanJan Sports revealed that tickets for the match will go on sale from 4 July.

Nigeria is the 6th most dangerous African country to live in

That is according to the Global Peace Index, conducted by the Research Institute of Economics & Peace. It recently released its top 10 most dangerous African countries in 2012 and Nigeria was number 6.

The ranking is based on countries most affected by war, terrorism, political instability, regular violence etc.

Here's the top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in Africa 2012
10. Ethiopia. 9.Burundi. 8. Zimbabwe. 7. Chad. 6. Nigeria. 5. Libya. 4. Central African Republic. 3. Democratic Republic of Congo. 2. Sudan. 1. Somalia

Who wore it better?

 Rihanna vs the chick on the right! The chick wins hands down. You go girl! Lol

Arsenal to play against Super Eagles in Abuja in August

The Nigeria national team will face the English club side at the Abuja International Stadium in early August as part of their pre-season preparations for the 2012-13 season

Arsenal FC have concluded plans to test their full team against the Super Eagles of Nigeria as part of their 2012-13 pre-season preparations.

The game has been scheduled for Abuja on August 5. Arsenal have never

EURO 2012 UPDATE - Fabregas sends Spain into Euro 2012 final

Spain reached their third consecutive major tournament final after overcoming neighbours Portugal 4-2 on penalties in the first Euro 2012 semi-final in Donetsk.

After an attritional game

BIG BROTHER AFRICA- Prezzo calls Goldie a weirdo

When one of Goldie's songs was played this evening, the Kenyan rapper asked Big Brother to play real music. "This chick is a weirdo and I found myself caught up in the mix," he said.

He later told Keita that he's done with Goldie "I'm not even eating the food she cooks from now on. I can make eggs. I am done. Watch this space. It's time to bring the old Prezzo back."


The Lagos State government in collaboration with the Federal Government is installing CCTVs in strategic locations around Lagos metropolis, This Steps is to Reduce and Curb Some Deadly Act from Some Lagosians..


CCTV already exist in some part of Ikeja along the Governor's Office, but the Governor of the State, Mr Raji Fashola said Lagosians should watch out for More soonest.


The University of Benin {UNIBEN} 2012/2013 Post UTME Results is out..

To Check your Post UTME Result, Visit HERE and login with your username and password...

Wish you all success.



JOINT Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB Tuesday said it had barred 262 institutions of higher learning from participating in next year’s admission exercise for non-compliance with admission guidelines.

JAMB Registrar, Professor Dibu Ojerinde who spoke at


She was respected and admired by many as an artiste and much more for her crazy style and fashion sense. It took the nation by surprise when she was unveiled as one of Nigeria’s representatives in the all new Big Brother Africa Stargame. Goldie went into the house as part of the celebrity pack but we are not sure if she has maintained the said status, as many Nigerians are now calling for her eviction.


According to recent reports coming from followers and fans of the BBA Stargame, Goldie seems to be mis-representing Nigerian women and Nigerians in general, they say she has lost all self esteem and basically has no sense of belonging.

First she was said to have been contemplating suicide as another housemate, Prezo who she is said to have fallen in love with, was not paying her the desired attention. Now that he has, she is said to have dedicated her entire stay in the house to Prezo, being at his beck and call and seeing to his every need. She most recently saved him from eviction to the annoyance of many.

Out of the house, fans no longer see her as a superstar even her celebrity colleagues can’t seem to defend her actions. Inshort Goldie is annoying!!!

Get Full Gist + See Tweets from Twitter @


According to our source and Twitter Tweets, Davido was invited for the recently concluded Nokia Rap Battle show alongside other prominent acts by one Nosa, a fast rising music producer cum manager. The show ended and according to

Dame Patience Jonathan wins Africa's Tourism Ambassador Award

Our First Lady yesterday June 26th received the Tourism Ambassador for Africa Award from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

She was given the award in 'recognition of her monumental commitment and support for women in tourism' during the 53rd meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Africa that held in Calabar yesterday.


Who will carry the day tonight and make it to the finals?


Majek Fashek gets N15million recording deal

The reggae superstar, who is a shadow of his old self, has just signed a N15 million recording deal with a Nigerian based record label called A Plus Recording and Award company. The deal will last for two years and the record label has already started getting him gigs both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. In fact Majek will embark on an international tour in July. He'll be touring Italy, Spain, Canada...and some countries yet to be confirmed. So get ready people. He might have lost his looks, but he's still got the talent.

Bill on birth control on the way?

GEJ&Sambo with national population commissioners after their swearing in yesterday
Seems like President Jonathan is considering making a law telling Nigerians how many kids they can have so as to manage the population of the country. Yes, you heard right!

There are indications he might sponsor a bill on birth control as a way of

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


JOKES OF THE DAY. Ekaete gets pregnant and her madam is angry and said ' Ekaete i thought i told you that if any man touch your breast you should say DONT and if he touches your nyash you should say STOP' . Ekaete replies, but madam na the two e touch at the same time so i tell am 'DONT STOP. Hehehehe


An Igbo man travelled to Isreal. when he got to the sea of galilee,
he was to crossover with a boat. and he asked the captain how much to crossover. He replied $500 and the Igbo man shouted CHINEKE!! No wonder Jesus walked on the sea....... LWKM

PHCN high tension wire electrocute 7 people in Ibadan

Tragedy struck at the Apata market in Ibadan yesterday when seven persons, including a pregnant woman and a nursing mother, were instantly killed when a live high tension power cable of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) suddenly cut off and fell on traders at the ever busy market.

The incident, which occurred at about 7am, affected mostly vegetables vendors as they were busy transacting their business at the popular Agbekoja section of the market.
Eyewitness identified the pregnant woman as Tawa and that her mother who was also standing by was a victim of the dawn electrocution.
However, a one-year-old baby boy was rescued alive from the scene of the incident while the baby’s mother, whose identify could not be immediately ascertained was not as lucky as she died following the impact of the live cable which fell directly on her. Good Samaritans rescued the infant unhurt from the back of his electrocuted mother who passed on immediately after the shock.
Many other traders at the spot sustained injuries and were rushed to nearby hospitals for medical attention.

Press statement from Chris Okotie's church on his failed marriage

Pastor Chris Okotie is not talking to the press at the moment. Quite a number of them have tried to reach him  but he ain't having none of that.. :-). His church has released a press statement regarding his failed second marriage. Read it below...
"The Pastor of our Church, the Household of God, Oregun, Lagos, Rev Chris Okotie announced his separation from

50 Cent Injured In A Car Accident Here's how his website is reporting the accident which occurred last night in Queens: 50 Cent was in a bad accident tonight as his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a Mack truck on the LIE in NYC. He was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital where they are currently running test on his neck and back. His driver is also currently in the hospital as the SUV almost flipped over. More photos when you continue...

Here's how his website is reporting the accident which occurred last night in Queens:
50 Cent was in a bad accident tonight as his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a Mack truck on the LIE in NYC. He was put on a stretcher and taken to

Mainstreet Bank sacks 800 workers

Mainstreet bank, formerly Afribank Nigeria Plc, on Friday June 22nd terminated the services of 800 of its employees, including 650 members of the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI), a unit of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC).

The  Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress, Comrade John Kolawole made