Friday, 14 June 2013

protest & killings in university of uyo [photos]

A peaceful protest by the Engineering students of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, on Wednesday afternoon to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Prof Comfort Ekpo, after the VC mandated students to pay N100 for the school bus which used to be free, later turned bloody.

Below are details of why the students were actually protesting:
I hear the school authority had moved most of the Science courses to the school's permanent site which is roughly 20 minutes drive from the main campus, following which buses were provided for free. But the VC unilaterally made the buses N100, which means students, who live inside the school, will have to pay N200 to and fro everyday to the new permanent campus.

The students didn't bargained for this as their was not financial provision from their parents for transportation for students that are living inside campus. Their peaceful protest turned violent after security officials at the V.C's office tried to stop the students from gaining access to him.

The students allegedly retaliated by throwing stones at the security officials, who then called for police back-up which led to a full blown riot. The back up team of policemen arrived the scene and matters got worse as the started firing shots at the students, leading to the death of some students.

Consequently, the angry students mobilized and burn down the VC's office, the exams and records building, and a security office, before the situation was brought under control.

The school has now been shut down indefinitely, all students evacuated! - See more at:

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