Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Woman bites off neighbours manhood in Ibadan


A middle aged woman, identified as Kemi on Sunday evening bit off the manhood of her neighbour around Inalende area of Ibadan. 
Kemi was said to have resorted to biting, according to an eyewitness, after she was thoroughly beating by the man, identified simply as Rasheed.
It was gathered that issues on how to settle a misunderstanding between Rasheed’s wife and another neighbour degenerated into a violent fight.

It was during the fight that Kemi angrily tore her victim’s (Rasheed) dress, held his manhood and bit it off.

Aside from the manhood which was bitten off, she also inflicted a big sore on the man’s abdomen.

Rasheed was later rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital in the area for medical attention while Kemi was handed over to the police.

While speaking with Daily Sun Kemi said: “He reported me and my friend to my friend’s mother in-law after she arrived at our house and thereafter started to beat me and when nobody rescued me from him, I bit him but I do not know it was his penis.”

The mother of two further said they had not been on speaking terms since she relocated to the area in June and Rasheed’s wife had not been greeting her and her friend.

“My friend, Adijat, has not been greeting and talking with Rasheed’s wife, I know that was why he decided to engage me in a fight,” she said.

Police sources said Kemi would be charged to court soon.


  1. Wow what a wicked act.

  2. Hahaha, she is funny. How can she say she didn't know it was his dick. I wonder how a man would allow a woman do such, Ok may be he taught she wanted to give him a blow job. Hehe

  3. Online echinoid amadi28 November 2013 at 00:01

    Wonders shall never end.

  4. Hahahahahah! Good for him! Any man that engages a woman in a fight is nothing but a fool!

  5. Why will u say that Nilla? So if a woman decides to be naughty she should not be fought. U need to withdraw that statement. Ur a lady and should discourage violence like that.