Monday, 28 January 2013

Police pension thief jailed 2yrs for stealing N2bn freed on N250k fine

Federal Capital Territory High Court, Abuja  on Monday handed down a 2 year jail sentence to director of the Police Pension Office, Mr. John  Yusuf, for conniving with others to defraud  the office and pensioners of N27.2bn. Yusuf admitted to stealing N2bn of the money.

Mr. Yusuf won't be spending the two years in jail as  Justice Abubakar Talba gave  him an option of fine in the sum of N750,000 for the three offences he pleaded guilty to and will forfeit 32 houses in the FCT  and Gombe as well as  N325m which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said were proceeds from the crime. Each of the three offences attracts a two-year jail term.

The lenient nature of the sentence was underscored by the reaction of Yusuf’s lawyer, Maiyaki Bala, who said that his client had shown remorse for the offences.

“By pleading guilty, the convict has shown respect to this court and has saved  the precious time of the court.
“The court will also find  out that he is a first time offender without any previous record of conviction; furthermore, he is the head of a family of four, a wife and three children, two of who are university students while one is a primary school pupil.
“These people depend on him for their survival and wellbeing, including the payment of school fees.

“It is also pertinent to note that he has a chronic heart condition which has aggravated to a serious case of high blood pressure, a condition that requires frequent medical attention.

“His aged parents are still alive and due to old age, have attendant medical complications which require regular medical attention and both depend on him to deal with these.”

Bala added that Yusuf was a community leader with a number of students depending on him for scholarship.

He noted that the students would lose the opportunity if justice was not tempered with mercy.

The counsel added that should the court grant the application for forfeiture of his client’s  assets,   the EFCC   would take  everything from  him  (Yusuf) .

He urged the court to exercise  its  discretionary  powers granted it under section 309 of the Penal Code in favour of the convict and give him an option of fine.
Bala argued that doing so would  encourage the other accused persons to admit their guilt, where it exists.

Pronouncing sentence on the convict, Talba  said he had taken favourable note of the fact that Yusuf was a first time offender, and had also opted on his own volition to plead guilty, thereby saving the time of the court.

The convict, who had been on bail before he was sentenced, paid the fine immediately after the sentencing and was driven away in his personal car.


  1. he should be hanged simple

  2. thats nija 4u d big thief is respected nd padoned while d small thief is chestised nd condemed,more course 2 there generationext

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  3. Nawo but a man stole common vegetable
    and was jail short God wil jugde
    dem all.

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